Our Model

Our three-way partnerships start with local leaders in a community that is ripe with potential, yet struggling with unemployment and poverty. These faithful partnerships build up permanent local capacity that catalyzes entrepreneurs and job creators, celebrating business as a calling to do God’s work.

The way we work is based upon time and experience within committed and collaborative cross-cultural relationships. It is intended to change the way people view economic development, breaking the long-standing mold of one-way aid and charity.

  • Local Community Institutions

    A locally owned and led, independent organization that is working to end poverty through business by catalyzing entrepreneurs and job creators in their community.

  • Business Affiliates

    Experienced businesspeople deeply commit to assist a Local Community Institution. These individuals and groups help develop concrete plans, share expertise, and provide financial support.

  • Partners Worldwide

    Our staff is at the heart of our network of partners. We identify new Local Community Institutions, orient new Business Affiliates, facilitate existing and stabilize emerging partnerships and grow our global Christian network.

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