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Farmers and small business owners in Mozambique share the vision for economic empowerment of the least of these in the name of Christ, especially those affected by HIV/AIDS. Through affordable credit, business training, and local mentoring, over 4,000 members of AfricaWorks operate businesses in small-scale manufacturing, poultry production, retail, service industries, and farming that generates sustainable income. North American partners have mentored the leadership of AfricaWorks since 2008.


Flooding hits Mozambique communities

Monday February 11, 2013

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On Wednesday the 23rd of January 2013 a flood hit the Gaza Province, in the southern part of Mozambique. The flood was the result of more than a week of torrential rains in South Africa and Zimbabwe which caused the Limpopo River to overflow. The flood has been reported as one of the worst to hit Mozambique economically since 2000, destroying much of the rice, corn and vegetable crops that were close to being harvested.

Gold miners and millers seek to create jobs

Tuesday July 10, 2012

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HARARE, Zimbabwe—- In the savannah of Zimbabwe, just dig 12 meters and you’ll find quartz filled with gold veins and diamonds.  From villages across the country, generations of miners from indigenous tribes have grown up digging for the embedded gold. 

The difference a job makes

Wednesday December 14, 2011

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By training people like Neto to own and operate a business, Partners Worldwide and AfricaWorks equipped more than 5,240 people this year to support their own families with a sustainable income.

Shepherd flocks chickens, not just sheep

Monday December 5, 2011

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Pastor Daniel is not one who preaches just in the sanctuary, but lives out his calling through business day-by-day as he walks alongside others in the community.  With strong commitment to his congregation, he strives to advocate for his community’s well-being.

The story of Nokuthula Favorite Tsela

Monday October 10, 2011

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Nokuthula considers herself the most blessed woman because of the privilege she has to be a businesswoman.

Jobs2Hope: Mission Accomplished!

Monday October 10, 2011

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We are excited to report that through the Jobs2Hope Initiative, we exceeded our goal to create and retain 1,000 jobs in Southern Africa with a total impact of 1,104 created and sustained through 2011! 

One woman shares poultry success with others

Sunday July 25, 2010

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In Macia, Mozambique, home to 600 identified orphans, residents of a community impacted by AfricaWorks greet visitors with a dramatic chorus: “AfricaWorks found me down! AfricaWorks picks me up!”  Through the air wafts the smell of poultry.  Some people complain about the odor, but one woman says, “I don’t care. It is the smell of money!”

Volunteer Opportunities

Currently seeking farmers to invest initial operational capital and matching funds.  Mentors needed to visit, coach, and follow the business owners in mining, agricultural value-added process, and other industries in Southern Africa.

For more information, contact Mark Ismond.