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Serving Beyond Borders

In the six months since the military sought to take control of Myanmar in a coup last February 1, mass protests and civil disobedience movements have been triggered throughout the country. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and over 900 have lost their lives fighting for democracy and peace to be restored in the country. Amidst all of this, the country is also still battling to survive against COVID-19.  

During our bi-monthly meetings with the BA team and LCI members, Pastor Jeremy would share his first-hand account of what living looks like in Myanmar at this time. One time he said “even now we do not have the right to breathe”, referring to the challenge they are experiencing in getting oxygen tanks to patients suffering with COVID-19. His own family had a bout with COVID-19, with his wife and three children just recently recovering from it. He talks about what they are doing to alleviate the situation of those fighting for peace and the restoration of democracy – extending themselves to protesters and providing relief packs and a prayer to ease their burdens. Their compassionate act has opened the hearts of many Myanmar people to the gospel. As a result of this, he shared that in a week 22 people came to know the Lord and were baptized! Such a powerful testimony during a great time of testing!   

While Pastor Jeremy shares all these, one thing that stands out is his optimistic and contagious faith! There is not a hint of fear or despair, only a spirit of devotion and determination to carry out God’s mission and share God’s heart.  

“We are busy surviving – finding food, finding shelter, staying safe.” – Myanmar LCI Member

“The needs in the city are so overwhelming…Relief packages are being confiscated and intercepted in the border. It’s hard for me to even wrap my mind around it. I haven’t cried this much in a long time.”    - Myanmar BA member

Hearing these words has been tremendously heartbreaking. A sense of helplessness and hopelessness sweeps in but we don’t let these feelings paralyze us, instead it helps ignite a fire within us to cry out to the Lord for mercy, strength, and a compassionate heart to take action! Though we cannot fight in the frontlines with our brothers and sisters in Myanmar, we fight with them on bended knees. The Partners Worldwide three-way partnership is evident in how each part--the BA team, LCI, and PW--are serving beyond borders.  

One of the BA members prayed this beautiful prayer: Father, I know that you have seen it all. Every tear that falls, every person who cries, no one person is any lesser in Your eyes.”  

Keeping our faith anchored on the God who sees, loves, and is supremely sovereign, we continue to extend ourselves! And we extend this invitation to you, our friends and supporters, join us as we intercede in praying and providing support to Myanmar. The team is raising funds to provide medicine kits, food supplies, and other essentials.

We are thankful for the continued support of the network in this challenging time. This support contributes directly to the saving of lives!