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How a Carpenter Built a Future for his Family

Through the Partners Worldwide network, Marco (center) and his brothers had all they needed to grow their woodworking business.
Through the Partners Worldwide network, Marco (center) and his brothers had all they needed to grow their woodworking business.

Marco, his two brothers, and their sister grew up on the outskirts of Cuenca, Ecuador. Their father struggled with alcoholism and couldn’t maintain a job. Marco and his brothers—just teenagers at the time—knew they had to step up and provide for the family. 

One day while visiting his father in rehab, Marco heard an inspiring message from a visiting speaker—a man named Boris.  

Boris served as president of Cuenca Partners, a partner of Partners Worldwide. He was also a skilled artist and, seeing potential in the young man, Boris invited Marco to work with him.  

Marco working on a project in his workshop

Learning that Lasts 

Through the mentorship of Boris, Marco learned skills in woodworking. From desks and cabinets to tables and chairs, he soon knew how to make it all. Along the way, Boris’s guidance was crucial in developing Marco’s vision. “Don’t make it good,” Boris would say, “make it excellent. Anyone can make a desk. What value are you adding?” 

Boris also encouraged Marco to take the PW business training through Cuenca Partners. There, Marco learned that business is a holy calling, an opportunity to serve God and others through work. Marco was also taught how to grow his business and monitor his finances.  

Everything Marco learned from Boris and Cuenca Partners, he passed on to his brothers. They opened a woodworking business in the city, and as the operation grew, they hired additional workers. Over the years, Marco has been proud to see his former employees go on to start their own woodworking businesses in Ecuador and the United States, living testaments to the power of redemptive relationships.

Marco stands next to his van

Investing in Marco’s Future 

Marco, his brothers, and their families benefitted from Cuenca Partners’ investment in them. Finances were tight for Marco during the pandemic as business slowed. Eventually, the brothers had to close their downtown shop and relocate to a property in the countryside.  

But with access to the Partners Worldwide global network, Marco and his brothers had all they needed to make it through. Thanks to a loan from Cuenca Partners, Marco bought a van to deliver finished pieces to his clients. 

More Than Brothers 

Today, Marco can support his family. His eldest daughter is at university studying medicine. His father, through Marco’s persistence, now knows Jesus. And their church features several beautiful pieces from their business. 

Marco’s journey from vulnerable teenager to successful businessman wasn’t easy. It wouldn’t have been possible without perseverance, faith, and partnership 

“We are an incredible team through the good and the bad,” wept Marco as he embraced his brothers. “We are more than brothers...We are so thankful.”