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Through Access to Capital, Nimrod Transformed His Community

Nimrod (right) built a thriving construction business and auto plaza. Now his son wants to follow in his steps.
Nimrod (right) built a thriving construction business and auto plaza. Now his son wants to follow in his steps.

Every day for ten years, Nimrod labored to construct houses of cinder blocks and concrete. Yet for all his hard work, he could not afford a house of his own.

He lived with his wife and two children in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, a mountainous city home to over 1 million people. There, Nimrod and his family dreamed of a better life. A better future.

Finally, Nimrod found the solution he was looking for: he would start his own construction business, one where he could provide for his family and bless those of his employees.

He had a blueprint. Now all he needed was an investor.

As Nimrod considered different banks throughout the city, he found the offices of Diaconía Nacional, an organization that transforms communities throughout Honduras through holistic, faith-based development. Crucially, they could provide Nimrod with access to capital. Upon seeing how much they cared for their clients and the wider community, he decided they would be the perfect partner.

Nimrod auto plaza

Constructing a Future for Others

Through the investment of Diaconía Nacional, Nimrod launched his own construction company, which has since grown to employ 7 workers.  

Nimrod and his construction company play a critical role in the development of local talent. Students at local trade schools often intern with Nimrod’s construction company, where they can apply the technical skills learned in class. Additionally, Nimrod evaluates their values as a person: their integrity, honesty, and other qualities that would make them a good employee. 

“My objective is to be able to support others and create job opportunities,” said Nimrod.  

Upon completing their internship, an average of 10 students per year are graduated by Nimrod, and are presented with certifications as welders, mechanics, or electricians. What’s more, Nimrod helps his former students attain jobs after they graduate, connecting them with trusted companies around Tegucigalpa and beyond.  

Because many of these students come from vulnerable communities, their newfound skillset and credentials have the potential to change the course of their lives. Furthermore, these students are now uniquely positioned to impact their communities in the years to come. 

auto plaza 2

Nimrod's Auto Plaza

One day while driving, Nimrod saw a lot for rent. Seizing the opportunity, Nimrod went back to Diaconía Nacional and told them of his idea for a “one stop shop” where you could get your car washed, detailed, painted, repaired, and more. 

Through an investment of $400, Nimrod was able to launch his auto plaza. 

Since then, Nimrod has turned the empty lot into a thriving multiplex that employs 5 workers. And the plaza just keeps growing: Nimrod plans to add a coffee shop to the plaza where customers can wait while their cars are being serviced, as well as a store that sells spare parts. 

Blessed by God

“We are very grateful to have the support of Diaconía Nacional for more than 10 years,” Nimrod said. Indeed, this partnership uniquely exemplifies Nimrod’s growth as an entrepreneur. His first loan from Diaconía, over a decade ago, was for $400. His most recent request was for $28,000, a testament to their lasting relationship.  

Nimrod’s journey as an entrepreneur wasn’t easy, however.  

“I worked for over 10 years, more than 16 hours a day, to see our dreams and purposes fulfilled,” he said. “Thanks to God's blessing, we moved forward. We have our own house, and my children are studying at (university) with academic excellence. And best of all, we all serve the almighty God… There lies the key to all success in our life and family.”