2023 Annual Report

Dear friends and partners,

Thank you for joining us in the biblical call to pursue a world without poverty.

Our calling is as urgent as ever. More than 700 million image bearers are surviving on less than $2 per day. And they’re looking for a way out.

We both understand that business is a holy calling, one with the power to transform people and communities.
With your partnership we’ve been able to do exactly that.

As you’ll see in this 2023 Annual Report, we’ve made incredible strides. Rooted in the church, our work is empowering a network of redemptive business owners all around the world with the means to provide for their families, serve their neighbors, and glorify God so that all may have life and have it abundantly.

2025 is fast approaching, and with it, our goal to double our impact. This report is a celebration of the first year in that journey. Through your trust and partnership, and a growing network of redemptive leaders, we are on track to surpass our goal!

Thank you for all you do to support this work. I rejoice with you in celebrating what God has done through our work together this past year!

Bob Vryhof, President & CEO

A Year of Impact

growth charts

Redemptive Entrepreneurs

From farmers and fishers to cooks and carpenters, no two businesses in our network are the same. One may employ two people while another employs hundreds. Despite their differences, they understand the redemptive power of their calling to business and are committed to the end of poverty. You make their stories possible.



When Marisela purchased her business — a store that produced and sold corn tortillas, chips, and salsa — she had no experience marketing a product. With the help of business training and coaching, offered by a local partner of PW, Marisela increased monthly sales from $1,000 to $15,000, and provides employment for 7 people! Today, she has sent her two children to college. Find out how she plans to scale her business.



Jackson opened a school in 2014 with the help of his wife, a fellow teacher. Key to their success has been their school bus system, which enabled them to provide education to over 400 students. But faced with rising transportation demands, Jackson needed an extra van. Through a local partner of PW, he took out a loan and purchased a van, through which he has been able to attract more families to the school. Jackson hopes to secure another loan in the future, which he will use to expand his school and provide a growing number of children with the keys to a better life. Read Jackon's full story.


Pastor Christopher

When Pastor Christopher needed a way to support his ministry, he turned to farming. The land he acquired was overgrown and filled with trash, but Christopher saw its potential. He got to work clearing and preparing the soil. Then, through the PW network, he secured a loan for potato seeds. After some time and faithful cultivation, he sold a profitable harvest in the local market. True to his vision, he used the income to support his ministry and was also able to pay for school for his sons. But he’s not done. As the farm grows, he plans to provide food for children in his community.

Read how Pastor Christopher is faithfully stewarding his farm and ministry.

Financial Summary



1. Individual Donations, Business
Donations & Grants

2. Investments & Other Revenue (22.1%)

3. Church Donations (2.0%)

Total Revenue $7,151,424


1. Partnerships & Programs (82.1%)

2. Management (9.1%)

3. Engagement & Fundraising (8.8%)

Total Expenses $6,060,047*

* We’ve seen a 38% growth in businesses supported with just a 10% increase in expenses!