An Inner Circle of Generous Donors

Seeing and Seeding the Future.

As stewards of God’s gifts, a Pillar is a donor who gives generously to help end poverty so that all may have life and have it abundantly. They are marketplace leaders who believe in the power of business and job creation to equip communities to rise above poverty for good. 
The financial support from Pillars—of $5,000 or more annually—goes to our Worldwide Fund, where donations are used to meet the most pressing needs in our network.

The Worldwide Fund sustains and grows our work with local partners in over 30 countries who collectively serve over 100,000 small businesses and farms. The Worldwide Fund allows our network to: 

  • Launch new initiatives
  • Expand into new urban and rural communities, as well as new countries
  • Develop the PW Business Curriculum and translate it into new languages
  • And much more


As Key Stakeholders, Pillars Have Some Perks.

Pillars receive updates on the impact they are having in the form of:

  • Personal visits, phone calls, and other personal communication with Partners Worldwide team members
  • Customized emails and letters sharing stories of transformation
  • Opportunities to gather in person

Join the Circle of Pillars today—and help end poverty for good.