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Hector’s Trial By Fire

Hector built his furniture business from scratch, starting out by producing just two types of furniture pieces, to now producing several types.

His pastor has been a big influence regarding business as mission. Hector states, “As I continued growing my business, there was always some sort of fear because of the country’s situation, and the overall economy…. We were always advised and encouraged by Pastor Evelio Reyes (Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Church), who preaches that ‘the children of God are not born to be employees but to employ others. And that ‘during a crisis, humans are to be developed and shaped, because they build character to achieve things.”

Pushing through trials and tests, Hector never lost optimism on the big business he wanted to build, and his vision has always been to provide employment for many. Hector carries that faith and vision as a mentor for our Local Community Institution, Global de Empresarios en Pacto (GEP) in Honduras, where he coaches other entrepreneurs.

Hector received mentoring as well through GEP and the PW Business Affiliate team, Creating Jobs. Through this mentoring, Hector grew his business through increased production and more staff—from 15 employees to 35!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

Things were going swimmingly until last October, when a fire destroyed his factory. Hector had no insurance and lost everything: inventory, equipment, paperwork, office equipment. But Hector’s faith never wavered and he rested in the belief that God will not forsake the righteous ones.

HectorsShopSince the fire, Hector showed amazing optimism and stamina to start over. The 3-way partnership—Partners Worldwide as facilitator, our Business Affiliate, Creating Jobs, and our LCIs, GEP and Diaconía Nacional, as a micro-credit program—came together to provide access to capital, equipment, and mentoring so Hector could start operating again in just 3 months. He’s now able to again provide for his family as well as his 35 employees and their families.

Hector’s vision doesn’t stop here. He envisions creating 2,000 more jobs for people in his community. Given his story of rising from the ashes, and his faith and vision, if anyone can do it, Hector can.