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Country Overview

Haiti has faced monumental natural disasters and hardships in recent years. But despite many challenges, our three-way model is working.

In 2010, when a historic earthquake rocked Haiti, NGOs began shipping container loads of soap, food, medicine, tools, water, backpacks, and other supplies into Haiti. This suffocated local producers and caused many Haitian businesses to go bankrupt. Our work became paramount in this moment, leading us to engage Haitians on the ground as decision-makers, purchase locally whenever possible, and develop sustainable jobs. And our continuing work is still paramount today.

Partners Worldwide Haiti is the only faith-based business organization that is locally-led and connects Haitians of all socioeconomic levels. Partners Worldwide Haiti—aligned with global advocates and supporters—creates conditions where businesses thrive, jobs are created, and communities flourish.

Welcome to Partners Worldwide Haiti.

Discover our work in Haiti

We partner with 9 locally-based organizations Haiti.

Country Statistics

477 businesses served 32 jobs created 746 jobs sustained 265 graduates from business training 46 mentors 9 partnerships

Challenges in Haiti

24.7% live in extreme poverty. More NGOs than any other nation. 168 out of 187 on the 2014 Human Development Index. Over 2/3 of the labor force do not have formal jobs.

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