An Update on Our Work in Haiti

The 100K Jobs in Haiti initiative began as a response to the 2010 earthquake, when NGOs began shipping container loads of soap, food, medicines, tools, water, backpacks, and other supplies into Haiti, suffocating local producers and causing many Haitian businesses to go bankrupt. Our work—which included engaging Haitians on the ground as decision-makers, purchasing locally whenever possible, and developing sustainable jobs—was paramount. It was truly amazing to see likeminded organizations come together.

Since 2011, 100K Jobs in Haiti has had a significant impact on changing attitudes among the international NGO and church community regarding the need for job creation and supporting business as a solution to end poverty. This is a BIG accomplishment.

This brings us to an important change regarding the 100K Jobs in Haiti initiative. 

Since its inception, 100K Jobs in Haiti has been guided, funded, and operated by Partners Worldwide. However, the relationship between Partners Worldwide and 100K Jobs in Haiti was either unclear or misrepresented—on the website, social media platforms, emails, name, logo, etc.  

That’s why, moving forward, we are bringing all assets and supporters of the 100K Jobs in Haiti into alignment with the Partners Worldwide brand and calling it Partners Worldwide Haiti. We believe that bringing together the network of supporters and participants of the initiative in Haiti under the larger, global Partners Worldwide ecosystem will only strengthen the work being done in Haiti, while increasing financial support to the country and region. 

Our three-way partnerships in many cities throughout Haiti will stay intact. Training, mentoring, and access to capital piece will continue. And we’ll continue our work in supporting Haiti—just without the name of 100K.  

You’ll see this reflected on the website, on social media, and in printed materials. Our mission remains the same: bringing jobs to Haiti by empowering local institutions. The only change is the brand, which will be rolled into that of Partners Worldwide. At the same time, Haiti will remain a big area of focus, which is why it will have a more prominent place on  

Thank you for being part of our network. Your participation and passion are appreciated beyond measure. And we still need to work together—because although we’ve made great progress, we know there’s still a lot of work to be done.  

With gratitude, 

Bob Vryhof, Director of Latin America/Caribbean Region 
Cassandre Honore, Haiti Partnership Manager