Ending Poverty Through Business.

Business is the most effective way to fight poverty.

Around the world, we partner with locally-led organizations to support business growth and job creation so that people may be equipped to lift themselves—and their families and communities—out of poverty for good.


Partners Against Poverty.

We work in partnership with others to achieve a world without poverty.

We currently partner with over 70 Local Community Institution (LCI) partners in over 30 countries around the world.

These partners collectively serve hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs. We also partner with over 1,000 volunteer Business Affiliates (BAs) who serve in their own communities and abroad.

When we say "Partners Worldwide," we don’t mean an organization. We mean this global network where everyone is an equal partner, and that includes you.

Our 3-way Model.


Our model is a Spirit-led partnership

Local Community Institution (LCI)
This is our term for our local partners. They are independent, locally-owned and led organizations working to end poverty through business in their communities.

Business Affiliate (BA)
These passionate individuals and groups of volunteers collaborate with Local Community Institutions to develop concrete plans, share expertise, and provide financial support and spiritual encouragement.

Partners Worldwide (PW)
Our global team is the catalyst for our network. We identify new Local Community Institutions, orient and equip Business Affiliates, facilitate existing and emerging partnerships, and grow our network.

A Holistic Approach.

It takes a system of support to end poverty. Our unique approach includes four activities that work together to equip and encourage businesspeople.

Our volunteer Business Affiliates work closely with Local Community Institutions to mentor their leadership teams and their business clients—helping them grow strong, resilient institutions and businesses. Some Business Affiliates mentor locally, while others serve internationally.

We have developed a unique business training curriculum, based on biblical principles, that is now translated into over 14 languages. This training teaches the fundamentals of running a business, for micro and small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

Access to Capital
Through our Local Community Institutions and strategic partners, we provide access to capital for micro and small to medium enterprises (SMEs). These loans and investments equip entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses.

The businesses in our network often face systemic barriers to success. We embolden local leaders to unite communities and creatively advocate for environments where businesses and people can flourish.