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Nikhil’s Dream for India

Nikhil believes in a better future for India. Witnessing the rural poverty in Gulbarga, Nikhil began to dream of an agribusiness that would provide employment opportunities and improve economic conditions in the region. He worked tirelessly to craft a business plan that would maximize local impact.

Nikhil soon met local staff from Partners Worldwide who shared his vision. They began to hope and plan together, and through partnering Nikhil’s dream began to take root. In 2015, Nikhil launched Quidditas Farms and officially joined the Partners Worldwide network as a Local Community Institution.

Nikhil quickly began developing his 30-acre farm into a high-tech dairy with the purchase of  200 goats. He hopes to start producing goat’s milk, cheese, soap, and other products that meet local and international demand.


This month, local farmers, leaders, and government officials, along with Partners Worldwide staff, gathered to inaugurate Quidditas Farms and celebrate the progress Nikhil has already made.

Recognizing God’s faithfulness in making his dreams a reality, Nikhil dedicated Quidditas Farms to God. He prayed a blessing over Gulbarga, sharing his vision for how the farm will be used to benefit the community by providing poverty-stricken farmers with sustainable employment, leading to flourishing for their families and the region as a whole.

The word “Quidditas” is derived from Latin and means “the real nature, or essence, of a thing.” Nikhil’s mission with Quidditas Farms embodies the purpose and essence of life: loving God, loving others, and using our unique abilities to help all people have abundant life.