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A Garment Worker’s Prayer

Monsoon rains drum on the tin roof of the church as hands grasp together. In the city of Kurunegala, Sri Lanka, Christian business men and women faithfully gather to pray, collaborate, and encourage one another every month.

The group is facilitated by Hope for the Nation, our local partner in Sri Lanka, and is made up of trusted peers; Hansi is at ease knowing it is a safe space to share the dream that has been growing in her heart.

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Hansi has a 4-year-old son and works in a local garment factory to support him, supplementing her husband’s income.

Work at the factory is grueling, but with a knack for fast-learning and a drive to succeed, Hansi quickly excelled and now supervises over 50 staff.

Although pleased with her success, she felt discontent. The guidance and inspiration Hansi has received from the small group over the past year reaffirms her belief that God has bigger plans for her life.

Unsure of how the other members would respond, Hansi nervously shares her dream with the group:

I want to launch my own garment manufacturing enterprise and retail outlet, using the work skills and experience I’ve gained. It will not only provide me with a better-paying job to support my family, but I’ll be able to employ others in Kurunegala too.

To her relief, the group shared in Hansi’s excitement, praying for her and encouraging her to start planning. With confidence, Hansi got to work preparing a business plan. When the time came to talk with her boss about leaving the factory, she was amazed at his response.

He not only fully endorsed the new enterprise, but also offered to help Hansi craft a realistic business plan and coach her through the production process. He provided further encouragement by affirming her strengths, skills, and abilities.

Hansi eagerly shares this news with the group the following month. The members rejoice with her, thanking God for answering their prayers.

Hansi hopes to employ three others within the next year, trusting that God will continue to provide the resources and guidance needed as she moves forward.

Our Local Community Institutions facilitate small groups around the world that build up local capacity by providing business people with an encouraging community to grow and learn in; a place to pray together, share ideas, collaborate, and catalyze local business growth and expansion.