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A Ripple Effect in Zimbabwe

Although she is affectionately called “Granny” by many, Memory Mazorodze isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Memory lives with her husband in Harare, the capital and largest city of Zimbabwe, and spends her days rearing chickens, managing a preschool, and chairing the Good Hope savings group.

Three years ago, Memory started the savings group with 20 local members. She excelled at leading what quickly became a large and growing group. In fact, the group grew so quickly that two additional savings group were formed to accommodate the new members. Memory received an award from Partners Worldwide for her exemplary leadership.

IMG_6688 (2)AfricaWorks, our Local Community Institution (LCI) partner in Zimbabwe, has provided three loans to the group, allowing group members – including Memory – to pursue their passions and business ideas.

One of Memory’s passions is her preschool. In 2014, the preschool enrolled just five students. But with a loan from AfricaWorks, Memory expanded the preschool and it now enrolls 20 students.

Memory also received business training from Partners Worldwide that equipped her to diversify her business portfolio by starting a small farm. Running a garden and rearing chickens feeds Memory’s family and her preschoolers, plus brings in additional household income.

Reflecting on how far she has come, Memory looks to the future with confidence, trusting that with God’s help and through her partnerships with AfricaWorks and Partners Worldwide, her businesses and savings group will continue to grow and succeed.


Over the years, she has learned not to underestimate the ripple effect of her efforts. The savings group alone has already created and sustained 23 jobs – serving to support 97 dependents and 12 orphans in the community.

So whether Memory is teaching a class for her preschoolers or leading a savings group meeting, she is assured that her investment in her community and the next generation are long lasting, leaving a legacy she can only now begin to imagine.