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God’s Handiwork: Building Dreams in Honduras

Osman Camilo Lanza lives with his wife and two daughters in Juticalpa, Honduras and considers being a dad his first and most important job.

His second job? Being an expert carpenter.

Fifteen years ago, Osman began training in his uncle’s workshop and since has learned to make a variety of furniture. Despite loving the work, Osman’s hours at the shop were inflexible and he often missed important events in his daughter’s lives.

Realizing how important it is that he be present for his family, Osman began thinking about starting his own carpentry workshop. He could set his hours and have more time at home, all while increasing their family income.

Osman shared this dream with his uncle who encouraged him to pursue it. Soon after, Osman opened Carpinteria El Maestro (The Master Carpentry) and dedicated it to Christ, the Lord of his business.

Since opening, Osman’s greatest challenge has been meeting his customer’s demands with a limited number of tools.

To build the furniture customers are ordering often requires borrowing equipment from his uncle and other local carpenters.


To meet this need, Osman was granted a loan from Diaconia Nacional, one of our LCI partners in Honduras, allowing him to buy tools and raw materials for his workshop.

Osman also attended training offered by Diaconia Nacional and Partners Worldwide, helping him improve his workshop’s management and customer service, and separate his business accounts from personal accounts.

While Osman has made great progress with Carpinteria El Maestro, he hopes to get a second loan from Diaconia Nacional to acquire more tools so he can continue to serve his clients with excellence and meet their unique needs.

Osman is amazed to see all the people God has brought along to help him on his journey as a business owner – from his uncle and family, to Diaconia Nacional, Partners Worldwide, and Business Affiliates from Iowa – God’s faithfulness is evident.

He hopes that through these partnerships his workshop will continue to succeed so he can support his family and make his daughters proud.