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In Their Words: Hope for Zimbabwe

In our daily pursuit of a more just and equitable world, it is not uncommon to feel discouraged.

Is change truly possible?

What progress can be made in the face of natural disaster, economic stagnation, or political upheaval?

When I begin to despair, I’m humbled by the reminder that I am but a finite actor in God’s great plan of redemption for the world.

Restoration and wholeness is God’s work and the victory is already won. As we enter into the world’s brokenness, we can be encouraged knowing our God goes with us to fight for us (Deuteronomy 20:4).

Zimbabwe is a nation that knows great pain.

Through the ups and downs of economic collapse and political unrest, we have sought to model God’s covenant with humanity by establishing a long-term commitment to our LCI partner in Zimbabwe, AfricaWorks.

We are continuously inspired by the resilience and steadfast faith of our partners, like Memory (link to Memory’s story), despite the daily challenges they face.

Hearing firsthand how these local leaders are building God’s kingdom in their nation is an edifying testament of hope.

We recently heard the powerful testimonies from attendees of a “Train-the-Trainer” workshop we hosted with AfricaWorks.

The demand for business training has increased by 150% over the past year in Zimbabwe as several micro-entrepreneurs have emerged from the savings groups, so AfricaWorks hosted the Train-the-Trainer workshop to meet this need and build up a team of business curriculum trainers.

IMG_7733 (2)

These trainers provide faith-based business training that equips local entrepreneurs and business owners for success.

Ten leaders from various sectors attended the training. Hear in their words how it impacted them and has prepared them to build a better future for Zimbabwe:

Linda Mubvuringi,
Business and Marketing Student:IMG_7709 (2)
The training has given me an opportunity to realize my life purpose through its emphasis on one’s (personal) vision and goals. The unique thing about the training was the biblical worldview and emphasis on combining business and church in our day to day life. It has also made me realize the great potential that is within our nation.

Success begins with me – and my actions can make a difference in the Zimbabwean economy as a whole. My passion is to unleash the untapped markets that have potential to grow our economy.

Wayna Muchina,
Pastor and Managing Director of IMG_7707 (2)Brewright Investments:

My area of expertise and passion is leadership and project development, and my vision is to impact individuals in society to reach their full potential through skills development.

After the training, I am inspired to mobilize businesspeople to form savings group – for networking and mentoring purposes – and to register for the PW Business Training.

Wilson Wizalamu, Founder of
Cent-Cent Savings IMG_7724 (2)
 and Credit Cooperative:
I have long had this conviction that I need to empower entrepreneurs with financial literacy, but I did not have the training. The PW Business Curriculum has filled that gap.

I intend to use the skills acquired here to train more (business) trainers and help many savings groups and cooperative members to build profitable businesses that incorporate business ethics.

Beverley Warawara,
Financial Consultant:IMG_7720 (2)

I work with savings groups, a model which has proved to be a success and a God-sent empowerment tool, and the PW Business Training is an integral part of the model. My vision is to establish a funding channel for entrepreneurs at affordable rates and to train business people to build strong businesses.

The Train-the-Trainer workshop has empowered me to train and mentor more trainers so that we can replicate the savings model and grow businesses.

We are grateful for courageous dreamers like Linda, Wayna, Wilson, and Beverley who are pursuing a flourishing economy and society in Zimbabwe, despite the daily challenges.

By working in long-term partnership, we are able to witness – and participate in – the unfolding of God’s redemptive plan and take heart knowing the victory is already won.