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From Gang Member to Yogurt Dealer

Struggle and instability marked his childhood.

Marlo’s father was in prison and his mother scarcely around as she worked tirelessly to support him and his brothers.

As a teenager in Machala, Ecuador, he joined a gang – leading him down a path of substance abuse and crime. But trusting in the hope of a better tomorrow, Marlo left his home to start anew in the nearby town of Guabo.

Marlo soon met his wife at the age of 22, but they faced many difficulties in their first year together.

One day as Marlo was feeling at the end of yet another rope – he heard God speak. God’s love and mercy filled him, and he knew things would never be the same.

Marlo began attending Verbo Church, studying scripture, and integrating faith into the rest of his life. He rooted his family life in God’s love, sharing his new found faith with his wife, two daughters, and son.

Around this time, God also gave Marlo the dream to start his own business.

He held on to this dream – despite knowing he lacked the experience needed to start a business – trusting that God would direct his path.

He soon heard about the Partners Worldwide Business Training hosted with our LCI partner El Oro Partners and quickly signed up.

Marlon's photos 2The training and mentoring Marlo recieved equipped him with the necessary tools to launch and start his own business – a dairy delivery business.

Marlo began selling yogurt, cheese, and manjar de leche (a delicacy), but faced significant challenges in delivering orders with many of his customers living far away.

El Oro Partners offered him a loan for a motorcycle, allowing him to deliver his products faster, serve a greater number of customers, and have more time to spend at home with family.

Marlon's photos 5

Through starting a business, Marlo realized his dream and has been able to better provide for his family. He is grateful for the challenges he has overcome, the opportunities El Oro Partners has provided him, and for God’s great faithfulness and love.

Marlo is one of nearly 10,000 individuals who graduated from our business training course this past year.