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Unleashing Potential in Mozambique

In Mozambique, many families rely on farming for their daily sustenance and household income—with around 80% of the workforce employed in agriculture.

Manuel is no different.

Living near Chimoio, Mozambique, Manuel is a diligent farmer, corn trader, and caring father of six. Like many rural farmers around the world, Manuel is full of potential and driven to succeed, yet lacks access to the resources and opportunities to truly thrive.

However, Manuel’s prospects changed when he connected with AfricaWorks and heard of the loans they supply to farmers. A local partner in our network, AfricaWorks invests in farmers and business owners, catalyzing long-term job creation across Southern Africa.

Driven to improve his family’s situation, Manuel met with an AfricaWorks’ credit manager and was soon given a microloan. Manuel not only paid back his loan in full but did it with such diligence that he received a loan increase.

fotos-passadas-janeiro-2017-804After his loan increase, Manuel saw such a dramatic increase of his corn supply that the warehouse he owned was no longer big enough to contain his crop. So, he used his savings to build another one. The next step to amplify Manuel’s business was finding a reliable source of transportation; he soon purchased a motorcycle to make that a reality.

With his farm and business booming, Manuel built a second home to rent out for additional income and is now able to send his children to a private school.

Long before connecting with AfricaWorks, Manuel worked hard to make the most of what he had to create a better life for his family. Yet too often, systematic barriers rob people like Manuel of the opportunity to see the full fruit of their labor. Partnering with AfricaWorks helped unleash Manuel’s potential—the potential once hindered by a lack of access to resources like loans and the opportunities they provide.

The majority of Mozambique’s workforce is employed in the agricultural sector. Yet still, over half of the country lives in poverty. AfricaWorks strives to address this by unleashing the potential of farmers like Manuel, that they may be able to “enjoy the work of their hands,” support their families, and live a full, abundant life.