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Vision 2020: A Dream of Jubilee

“No longer will they build houses and others live in them, or plant and others eat. For as the days of a tree, so will be the days of my people; my chosen ones will long enjoy the works of their hands.” Isaiah 65: 20-22

A time of jubilee, where all humanity is reconciled with one another and God, is the dream we pursue each day. Biblically, it is a year of liberation, restoration, and celebration; where justice reigns, the captives are set free, and all can enjoy the work of their hands.

The idea of jubilee is central to our Vision 2020 strategic plan. While we wait for Christ to return, it’s our desire to see jubilee unfold right now in every corner of the world.


So, What is Jubilee?

In the Old Testament book of Leviticus, God declares that every fiftieth year in the tribe of Israel is to be the Year of Jubilee.

During this year, everyone who owns property was to return it to the original owner. Not only was land returned, but debts were forgiven and slaves were freed.

As the people of Israel experienced restoration in the Year of Jubilee, so did the land. God commanded that in the Year of Jubilee there shall be neither sowing nor reaping nor pruning of vines, but the people were to live on what the fields and vineyards naturally produced.

These jubilee practices bring to light two values of our faith that are timelessly relevant: God’s people are to care for one another and creation, and everything belongs to God.

tea-623796_1920Removing Barriers

As in the time of Israel, today intelligent, capable people are too often unable to enjoy the fruit of their labor. God created us to work and purposefully engage the world, yet systematic obstacles such as inequality rob people of the dignity and respect they—and their labor—deserve.

These injustices are not what God intended for humanity. The Year of Jubilee was set in place to counteract the injustice that results from human sin, ensuring that all are free to flourish.

In our world today, whether it is a broken justice system or a lack of access to affordable credit, it is time to fight the obstacles that stand in the way of all people sharing in jubilee.

Our faith motivates us to do just that: fight obstacles.

Every day, we work to remove barriers by increasing access to the resources and tools people need to flourish. By equipping entrepreneurs to advocate and create job opportunities in communities of high unemployment and poverty, we join God’s movement to bring jubilee to earth.


Stewarding God’s Gifts, Partnering for Change

Jubilee reminded the Israelites that all they have belongs to God, and as a result, they were called to faithful stewardship. Today, we can help usher in a time of jubilee if we use what we have been given to bless others.

At Partners Worldwide, we believe abundant life is a gift that God desires all people to obtain. Yet the hindrances of poverty keep too many from it.

It is our call as an organization to use what we have been given to help restore this gift of abundant life to individuals and communities around the world. We do this by walking alongside business people and local leaders as they seek to end poverty through business.

Our relational model reflects our commitment to partnership—a commitment that is rooted in faith. God dreamt of jubilee long before we did, yet we are invited to partner with God in pursuing this dream. Day after day, we say yes to that invitation.

Our vision is that by 2030, we will see the end of abject poverty. It’s audacious, but with collective effort, we know it is possible. So we strive towards this goal and the dream of jubilee, participating in God’s reconciling act so that all many enjoy abundant life.

Will you join us in pursuing the dream of Jubilee? We invite you to partner with us as we seek to end poverty by 2030. Your gift will support our work to provide business training, mentoring, access to capital, and advocacy tools to thousands of entrepreneurs and community leaders around the world. Give here.