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A Fresh Start for Fatima

Fatima lives in Chinandega, a city on the northwestern coast of Nicaragua—one of the poorest countries in Latin America.

With few job prospects, she was stuck working for a boss who treated her poorly and paid her less than the standard minimum wage. It not only affected Fatima financially, but emotionally and spiritually too. She struggled to believe in herself, leaving her with little hope for the future.

Things slowly changed as Fatima received business training and mentoring through the Nehemiah Center, our local partner in Nicaragua.

One day, the business training facilitator shared the verse Romans 12:2 with the class: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” Hearing those words flipped a switch in Fatima’s mind. Opposed to viewing work as solely a means to survive, as the world sees it, she realized that business is an opportunity to serve God and others.

With renewed confidence and the encouraging support of the Nehemiah Center, Fatima quit her job and set out on her own.

She started one business… then another… and then one more. Today, Fatima’s three businesses employ four people. She is known for her excellent customer service and respectful treatment of employees.

Reflecting on her journey, Fatima shares, “my faith is what lifted me up and is the reason I am where I am today.”

Fatima hopes she can help her children avoid some of the challenges she has faced in life. She even dreams of sending them to university one day. Her fresh start through business is creating a better life for her family today—and renewing hope for tomorrow.