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From Debt and Despair to Redemptive Hope

19 years ago, my husband left. Overnight, I became a single mother to our three young children.

To make ends meet, I started a small cosmetology business and soon had the opportunity to move into a store front at a shopping center.

The municipality of Quito decided to give retail space to single mothers like me to operate businesses. It felt like a dream come true! For the first time, I felt empowered as the leader of my household. Each store unit was small, so I decided to purchase five.

However, the more I worked with Quito authorities, the less helpful they were. I began to worry that they were taking advantage of us, and I was upset with myself for how naïve I had been to think they genuinely wanted to help.

Sure enough, the municipality decided to charge $6,000 USD per store unit—even though they had promised we would only have to pay $1,200 per unit.

I had acquired five stores, which meant I incurred an unimaginable debt of around $30,000!

I was consumed with insecurity, bitterness, and despair. But during this difficult time, I came to Verbo Mañosca Church and started participating in a women’s small group. There I began to understand that there is hope for people like me and I began to experience emotional and spiritual freedom.

It was also at church that I connected with Partners Worldwide and learned how to successfully operate a business.

As I started to improve my cosmetic business, I realized that my dream of owning a retail space at a shopping mall had not faded—even despite the bad experience with the municipal authorities.

Partners Worldwide helped me re-build my cosmetic business, and gave me the idea of creating an integral beauty shop. I began to envision a place where women can come for manicures, massages, hairdressing, clothing, and accessories—and a place that provides childcare for the customers too.

I wanted to make this dream a reality immediately, but Partners Worldwide taught me that there is necessary order, patience, and discipline required in every step of building a successful business. At that time, I didn’t understand blessing comes after obedience and discipline.

However, through following Partners Worldwide’s guidance I saw how doors started opening, debts were being paid off, and my business was steadily growing.

I was even able to achieve my dream of owning a retail store in a shopping mall!

In my shop today, I sell cosmetic products, I provide minimal cost cosmetic treatments to low-income teenagers, and I have hired a full-time employee. I also employ an elderly man to help me with paperwork, negotiations, and other business operations. He has become my right-hand man!

In addition to operating a cosmetics shop, I also help manage the mall. I now have the authority to grant other entrepreneurs shops so that they can grow their own businesses.

Today, my life and my family’s life is completely transformed and I give all the glory to God.

With the support of my church and Partners Worldwide, I now have hope for my future and my children’s futures. I no longer struggle with fear, insecurity, or low self-esteem because I know God loves me. He has been faithful to me amidst every challenge I’ve faced.