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A God-Given Dream Fulfilled in Honduras

Derlin is a young entrepreneur from Catacamas, a small city in eastern Honduras. Inspired by the abundant natural beauty that surrounds Catacamas, Derlin always dreamed of opening an agribusiness. He studied Food Technology in college to prepare him to pursue this dream.

Shortly after graduating a year ago, he began planning to open Lacteos Romero—a dairy processing agribusiness. Derlin got caught up in every detail of the planning. After all, for years he only dreamed of this business. Now, he got to lay the groundwork in real, practical ways! He savored every moment.

Derlin’s family helped him as best as they could. But their support wasn’t enough to overcome the challenges of starting a business for the first time—especially concerning finding access to capital.

Driven by his desire to make his dream a reality, Derlin approached our local partner Diaconia Nacional.

Diaconia saw in Derlin the characteristics of a visionary entrepreneur with great potential. Given the right tools, they knew Derlin could grow a successful business that would change his own life and change the lives of others.

After analyzing the feasibility of Derlin’s business plan, they granted him a loan. This capital allowed him to acquire the equipment needed to start his agribusiness.

Diaconia also connected Derlin with a team of PW volunteers, called Business Affiliates (BAs). These BAs have partnered with Diaconia for over 11 years, working together to provide people like Derlin with access to capital, training, and mentoring.

With this support, Derlin got his agribusiness off the ground—and it took off right away!

Demand increased tremendously in a short period. This success was possible thanks to Derlin’s perseverance, passion, sound business management practices, and of course, the support of the partnership.

In reflection on his experience as a first-time entrepreneur, Derlin shares: “I am very thankful God has given me the opportunity to follow His path and trust Him with my dreams.”

Now more than ever, he realizes he couldn’t have accomplished this alone. “God has provided the necessary resources and placed the right people in my life to start my agribusiness and to fulfill my dream. I’m grateful for Diaconia Nacional and Partners Worldwide for providing access to capital, mentoring, training, and the opportunity to grow.”

Today, Derlin buys milk from 15 small dairy farms and employs two people, with occasional help from his brothers. He used to process 500 liters of milk daily, but he now processes up to 800 liters.

As he looks to the future, Derlin’s dream is to “grow in infrastructure, open retail stores, create more jobs, export nationally and internationally, and process at least 10,000 liters of milk each day.” He acknowledges the grandiosity of these dreams but places his trust in God.

“I know that with God´s help—and the training and the financial support I have received—my dream will be fulfilled.”

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