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Why Partnership? Jonathan’s Story

At Partners Worldwide, we believe we are better together. Inspired by the Trinitarian nature of God, we create long-term partnerships with local leaders and volunteers around the world. In this three-way partnership, we equip entrepreneurs to grow businesses and create jobs—lifting people out of poverty for good.

Every day, we see the power of partnership in action. We witness people coming together, often across divides such as nationality and language, to grow businesses and impact lives.

An example of this comes to us from the Network of Christians in Business (NCB), our local partner in Trinidad and Tobago.

Jonathan, an entrepreneur in NCB's network, owns the elevator maintenance firm Civon Multiservices Ltd. While Civon has traditionally focused on elevator maintenance, Jonathan recently identified a market opportunity to assist firms in upgrading their elevators too.

Taking up this market opportunity would increase revenue, enabling Civon to create additional jobs. Plus, it would allow them to buy equipment that they currently have to rent—saving money in the long-term and increasing efficiency.

But Jonathan was unable to capitalize on this opportunity on his own. His team at Civon would need additional technical training before being able to upgrade elevators.

And that's where partnership stepped in! Jonathan reached out to his PW mentors at Elevator One, a company in Canada, for help. Elevator One sent one of their top engineers to Trinidad to provide Jonathan and his team with the necessary on-site training.

Jonathan and Rolan in Trinidad

As a result, Jonathan and his team at Civon are now well positioned to expand their business services and begin upgrading elevators. In fact, they just put in their first bid for an elevator upgrade project and are awaiting a response!

Jonathan’s story of partnership is one of countless examples in our global network. It exemplifies the importance of servant-hearted business relationships, where professionals from across the world can support and encourage one another.

Without PW mentors by his side, Jonathan’s opportunity to expand his business would have remained just that—an opportunity, an idea, a dream with little hope of being fulfilled. But in partnership, he was able to achieve more than he ever could have alone.