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Ten Loans, One Dream, and a Path Out of Poverty

When I first met Peace, I was immediately struck by her exuberant joy. She was so excited to share with me how God has used Light Microfinance Bank to turn her family's life around.

Peace lives with her husband and two children in Jos, Nigeria. She told me her story, sharing that things were once very hard for her and her family. She used to earn a small income sewing and selling clothing. Out of desperation, she began to think of new business ideas that might better support her family.

While praying, Peace felt God call her to start a palm oil business.

She was hesitant to pursue it, but with few other options, she decided to give it a try. She began her business with just 20 jerry cans of palm oil—deciding to sell it in wholesale and medium quantities.

Not too long after she started, she got to know Light Microfinance Bank, a local partner of Partners Worldwide. She heard about the support they give entrepreneurs and decided to learn more.


Light Microfinance Bank assessed Peace’s business, and thankfully, Peace qualified for a small loan. That was all she needed to catalyze her businesses’ success!

Since that first loan, Peace has received nine more—using the capital wisely and consistently repaying each one on time.

One way Peace has used the loans is to buy her product in bulk. She travels over 400 kilometers to purchase the palm oil, and because the business is seasonal, the product’s price fluctuates. Therefore, she aims to buy more products when the prices are low, which the loans allow her to do.

Over the past few years, Peace has proven that businesses can grow to unimaginable levels with just a small bit of support! 

Growing a business has taught Peace many valuable lessons, such as not rushing or making hasty decisions.

Today, Peace’s business is continuously expanding; she currently has six shops and three employees. Additionally, her family has been able to move into a new home of their own.

“Light Microfinance Bank has helped everything in my life. I started from nothing, then got a loan of about $100. Now, I can access more loans. They changed everything.”

Experiencing this impact firsthand, Peace hopes that more entrepreneurs will have access to loans to grow their businesses. In fact, she has already introduced some of her trusted friends to Light Microfinance Bank and has encouraged them to apply for loans.

Peace Adeniran's Staff

Peace is thankful for the support of Light Microfinance Bank and Partners Worldwide and she humbly owes her success to prayer and God’s grace. God gave her the revelation and inspiration to start her business and God used the Partners Worldwide local network to help that dream become a success.