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From Journalist to Dairy Farmer: How Alex Realized His Dream

Alex, a journalist at a local radio station in Gulu, Uganda, had always dreamed of becoming a dairy farmer. But he wasn’t sure where to start. That is, until he heard about our local partner, Gulu Country Dairy (GUCD), in the newspaper one day.

The news story compelled Alex to visit GUCD, and he was so grateful he did!

“I was filled with so much joy and confidence that dairy farming is actually possible. It was a dream come true for me.”

After his initial visit, Alex immediately enrolled for GUCD's dairy training, where he gained the knowledge and skills needed to start his own dairy farm.

“The trainer made it very easy for me to understand even the hardest parts of dairy farming. I learned about dairy farming as a business and about the feeding, silage, crop production, and how these can all greatly increase milk yield.”

After the training, Alex bought one Friesian dairy cow, then another, and now milks 10 liters a day. He has applied to obtain two more cows through a wealth creation program at GUCD, so that he can reach his goal of milking 50 liters a day.


Even with the 10 liters a day he is currently producing, Alex is creating a better life for himself and his family through dairy farming. He can provide his children with a quality education so that their futures will be bright.

Alex proves that anyone, at any point in their life, can follow their dreams and create a better life for themselves and their families when they put their minds to it. Sometimes, they just need a bit of help to get there.