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Good News: Luis and Maria Come to Faith, Grow their Business

When we first met Luis and his wife Maria, they were operating a mango fruit snack cart on the streets of El Oro, Ecuador. It was earning them a small income, but they dreamt of growing the business to better provide for their family.

So, they sought out business training, which led them to our local partner: El Oro Partners

Through attending biblically-based business training, Luis and Maria gained the knowledge and skills they need to be successful business owners. They have already expanded from one to three snack carts, and demand for their products continues to grow!

Not only is their business flourishing, but their spiritual lives are being enriched, too.

Before engaging with our local network, Luis and Maria weren't Christians. However, through learning a biblical approach to business and receiving mentoring, encouragement, and support from Christian businesspeople, they decided to give their lives the Lord! Now their whole family attends a local church and are very involved in the congregation.

Luis Ximenez_Ecuador_EOP.Cropped

Today, Luis gives thanks to the Lord for his family, his new faith community, and how God has blessed their business. He even put a sign on his snack cart that reads: "God Almighty is the first and best thing in our lives."

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