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How a Zimbabwean Leader is Investing in the Next Generation

Like many of the businesspeople in our network, Innocent juggles many roles. He is a loving husband and a father of three. He is a visionary teacher and educator. He is a boss, a chicken farmer, a faithful friend, and an inspiring community leader.


However, at the heart of all Innocent does is a desire to serve God, serve others, and make his community of Budiriro, Zimbabwe a better place. It is with this lens that he runs the Wisdom Center, a primary and secondary school which educates 150 students—bright, promising pupils who are the future of Zimbabwe.

In 2016, Innocent sought out business training to improve his management skills, which led him to the local Partners Worldwide network.

He was so impressed with how the training impacted him and helped him grow the Wisdom Center, that he resolved to help more people participate. So, in 2017, he attended a Train the Trainer workshop and became equipped to teach business training to others. Since then, he has trained 34 people!

In addition to business training, our local network has also provided Innocent with three loans to help him grow his school.

He used his first loan of $500 to start a poultry project—an income generator for the school—and his second loan to register the school and purchase furniture for the classrooms. With his third loan, he acquired a bus so his students have safe, reliable transportation to and from school.

This amazing growth has allowed Innocent to begin saving more and to employ 11 teachers and one receptionist. He plans to send three of his employees to business training to help them develop their own business and management skills.

A visionary like Innocent is always looking to the future, and he hopes that his next step will be to purchase a piece of land that would one day become the long-term home of the Wisdom Center.

Despite the challenges Zimbabwe is currently facing, Innocent continues to place his trust in God and have hope for the future of his community. He is steadfast in his mission to serve students, develop their potential, and equip them to be agents of change.

At Partners Worldwide, it's our privilege to walk alongside local leaders like Innocent who are serving their communities. It's through their leadership, God's guidance, and the collaborative effort of partnership that the limitless potential of a community will begin to be unlocked.