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Spring 2019: Ecuador Update

Partners Worldwide currently works with four local partners in Ecuador to support businesses and farms that are creating jobs in their communities. Three of our local partners are small, church-based business associations located in urban areas, and one is an agriculture-focused organization based in a rural area.

Just, over the past six months, 178 emerging business owners have been served by our network, and we expect to serve 350 more by July!

One current challenge facing Ecuador is the growing Venezuelan refugee crisis. Already, over 500,000 Venezuelans have fled to Ecuador. Forecasts predict that 70,000 more Venezuelans will arrive each month for the foreseeable future.

With a population of only 16 million, this is a huge burden for Ecuador to absorb. Tensions are high and poverty rates are rapidly rising among the refugee population.

In response, our network of partners have come together to support the Venezuelans in Ecuador.

Hundreds have already been helped with humanitarian aid, and we’ve recently begun helping them integrate into their new community by setting up businesses.

While these refugees are often highly skilled, they are strangers in a foreign land and often arrive with nothing. They need economic opportunities in order to start a new life for themselves and their families.

So, we’re currently piloting a project to help around 60 Venezuelans get jobs or start micro businesses through receiving business training. 15 refugees have already graduated from business training!

Please pray for these efforts and that we would be able to raise the funds needed to support this initiative. Please also pray for the general elections that are coming up in March, that the Lord would place high integrity people in office.