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Acidia’s Calling to Help Women Flourish in Mozambique

Growing up in Mozambique, where nearly half of the population faces poverty, Acidia always felt called to serve those in need. And for the past 22 years, she has been doing just that by working for our local partner AfricaWorks Mozambique (AWM).

AWM alleviates poverty through economic empowerment and currently serves over 7,000 members across Mozambique.

Acidia is the Manager of AWM’s branch in the coastal town of Xai-Xai, where 80 percent of clients are women. As women are more likely to face poverty than men are, Acidia is making a tremendous impact by creating vital economic opportunities for the women in her community.


Her daily work involves overseeing six employees and approving and managing loans. But her favorite part of her job is visiting clients, which she does three days a week. She loves encouraging them as they attain financial wellbeing, overcome barriers to success, and lift their families out of poverty.

While Acidia walks alongside the clients in her network, Partners Worldwide is walking alongside her.

For ten years now, we have partnered with Acidia and her team at AWM to strengthen their work and sustain it long-term.

Regarding this partnership, Acidia shares that, "Partners Worldwide has helped us build a strong organization and has fundraised to help us grow our loan portfolio, allowing us to serve more clients.”

Recently, Partners Worldwide carried out an organizational capacity assessment on AWM’s behalf. One need that was identified was a new loan tracking software, which Acidia is now implementing.

At Partners Worldwide, it is our privilege to partner with locals like Acidia who are leading the change in their communities. By working together in partnership—each bringing our unique knowledge, gifts, and resources to the table—we can get one step closer to a world without poverty.