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Where Patrick’s Pursuit of Beekeeping Has Led Him

From a young age, Patrick dreamed of becoming a beekeeper.

Despite his mother’s concerns about the viability of a career in beekeeping, he couldn’t shake this calling God placed on his heart. So, after careful preparation, Patrick launched a small beekeeping business in 1989.

However, it wasn’t until 2014—when he connected with our partner Hopeline Institute—that his business really took off.

Patrick began driving four hours round trip to attend business training. But to him, it was worth it!

"The course was my biggest breakthrough. By applying the learning from the course, my business grew from a microenterprise into a Limited Liability Company.”

After graduating, Hopeline connected Patrick with a mentor to
help him develop and implement a business plan.

Patrick (far right) with staff from Hopeline Institute and Partners Worldwide.
Patrick (far right) with staff from Hopeline Institute and Partners Worldwide.

With this support, Patrick’s beekeeping business has grown and his potential has been unlocked.

Today, he has five full-time employees, over 500 beehives, and he has trained over 5,000 Ghanaians in beekeeping!

He operates as sustainably as possible, minimizing waste and using local and recycled materials in his beehives. Generosity is another pillar of his business, as he says:

“I have been blessed beyond measure, so I give freely and I share openly.”

Patrick is also a vocal advocate for protecting bee populations, and he educates others on how vital bees are to agricultural production. He is making an impact on the national level, too, by serving as the President of the Ghana Beekeepers Association.

Patrick even uses his work truck to spread the word about the importance of bees!

Looking to the future, Patrick plans to participate in more training at Hopeline. He also hopes to receive a loan to expand his beehives to an area of Ghana where rainfall is low. Doing so will increase pollination, improve farm yields, and help mitigate climate change.

While Patrick is exceptional, he is not unique.

Around the world, other talented individuals like him long to pursue their God-given calling to business. What they often lack, however, is the opportunity to do so. But the partnership of our generous supporters is changing this!

Together, we are equipping people like Patrick to grow successful businesses that are creating jobs and a social impact in their communities.

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