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A Compassionate Mother, a Fierce Entrepreneur

Judy has her hands full. She lives in Zimbabwe and is the mother of five, including three biological children and two orphans whom she has warmly welcomed into her family.

However, as a widow, Judy shoulders the burden of providing for her family all on her own.

So, about 12 years ago, Judy brainstormed business ideas to help make ends meet. Recognizing her own creative talents, she started making arts and crafts for local markets. Her business has grown over the years and now even exports internationally—selling to fairs in Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom!

Although Judy has been able to support her family day-to-day thanks to her business, she still wanted to be able to save more for their long-term needs.

In 2016, she joined a savings group through the Partners Worldwide local network and began saving $25 each month. Inspired to continue growing her business and savings, Judy attended Microbusiness Training in March of 2017 and increased her monthly savings to $50.

Judy (left) with a customer and a table of her products
Judy (left) with a customer and a table of her products

Amidst all of this, Judy even launched a second business! Now, in addition to selling her artisan products, she also packages petroleum jelly for household use. With both enterprises steadily developing, she recently received a $500 business loan through our network to further expand them.

With her ambitious nature, tireless work ethic, and growing savings, Judy has been able to send her children to good schools.

She is proud to know they are receiving an outstanding education and being prepared to succeed in life.

Throughout all her business ventures, Judy always comes back to God to seek guidance and protection. Her entrepreneurial journey as a single mom of five has been far from easy. But she thanks God for providing opportunities and support all along the way.