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How Mentorship and Faith Built a Business: Analia’s Story

Living in a small town in Guatemala, Mynor and Analia were drawn to business from the beginning of their marriage.  

As an industrial mechanic, Mynor worked in a production company repairing machinery, and Analia, a former missionary to the United States, worked in a flower exporting company as a general assistant, a translator, and the exports manager. But as their family grew, running their own business became a more prominent goal. 

Soon, Mynor started a sawmill business and Analia joined to support him as an entrepreneurial team. While Mynor managed the site, Analia took care of all the administrative work from their home while taking care of their three children. They worked together well, however, the business operated through a loan program, holding a large burden of debt over their heads. They consistently prayed that God would provide a different way going forward. After over fifteen years of business, and seemingly without warning, the sawmill began to run into some unexpected difficulties and the business began to go under. 

 It was a clear indicator that God had other plans for them and their family.  

Analia and Mynor 2

In attempting to form a plan for what to do next, Analia first thought of her experience and knowledge about exporting producehowever, she was not able to get that idea off the ground. After that, she tried several other types of business ideas, but nothing worked out; it seemed like no idea was the right one.  

Suddenly Analia audibly heard the words: "Embroidery. Needlework." and realized that this was what God was putting on her mind and heart.  

She thinks of this experience as her direct calling to business.  

Analia knew nothing about fabrics or embroidery or anything related to the industry but has always been very dedicated and committed to her projects. She knew from the start that God was also calling her to help and bless others, especially women, through her business. So, in obedience, she jumped in with determination and enthusiasm. 

Without experience or a production force, she took a step of faith and called a large international company to offer her services, but was turned down due to her location. She kept calling other prospects with no success, until one day, after a few weeks of trying, she received an email from the first international company she had contacted. They asked for a quote for twenty-five thousand kitchen cleaners for Mother's Day—which was only three weeks away!  

Analia Female Employees - Edited

At that time, the business was not even named and the only funds available to them were in the form of an extra credit card—but they took the risk, and  in three days they organized everything: registering the business, setting up bank accounts, purchasing machinery, and hiring employees!  As Analia prayed throughout the fast-moving process, she realized that money was not the most important thing, and that she could trust God to provide. With this mindset, Analia and her team worked tirelessly on the order, and delivered it before the deadline! Although they were not compensated immediately by the company, Analia and Mynor were able to pay their employees fairly and on time.  

God was clearly providing for them, putting each piece in its place, opening doors, and helping Analia and Mynor to make valuable connections and build a network for their business.  

One of these connections came in the form of a business man named Carlos. Carlos became their coach and mentor, guiding them in their decision-making and helping them to develop their business. Over the years, he instructed Analia in marketing, customer service, and providing fair wages as well as training her team in knowledge of their industry.  He also networked on their behalf, referring their business to new customers and speaking highly of their reliability and excellence.  

Carlos’ mentorship and advocacy had a huge influence in growing Analia and Mynor’s business to be sustainable, ethical, and trusted in the marketplace. 

Recently, Analia connected with our LCI Verbo Ciudad Vieja, and graduated from the business training program using our microenterprise curriculum. The tools she received through that training, combined with the impact of Carlos’ mentorship in her own business years prior, sparked a desire in Analia to mentor other small business owners in Guatemala. 

Today, Analia and Mynor employ five talented and committed women—and next month Analia will begin her peer mentorship role through the Partners Worldwide network.  

Together, they have a cultivated a business built on acting on God’s call and empowering those around them to do the same.