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How Partnership Serves Up Ice Cream in Trinidad

Entrepreneurship can often be described as the capacity to build something great out of a simple idea, and by that definition, Katherine embodies what it means to be an entrepreneur brilliantly.  

Now a successful business owner in Trinidad & Tobago, Katherine started her company, B's Ice Cream, 34 years ago--equipped with only $440 USD and a lot of faith.   

Today, B’s Ice Cream customers enjoy delicious homemade ice cream made available to them through 220 locations across the country. 


Katherine recognizes the necessity of tenacious hard work and dedication to her ideas as well as crediting God’s grace in seeing abundant fruit as a result of that labor. However, she also acknowledges that she could not have built her business by herself.  

She believes partnership is central to success.  

As a member of our LCI, the Network of Christians in Business (NCB), Katherine shares that she is constantly encouraged to understand that B’s Ice Cream belongs to God. In that, she believes that she has been entrusted to be a good steward of it by making Jesus Christ known in the marketplace through the way she treats her competitors, suppliers, and customers.  

This is reflected in how she works with her team of thirty-eight collaborators, some of whom have stayed with her company for more than twenty years. They credit the longevity of their involvement to Katherine’s commitment to run her business in a Christ-like way and her endeavors to treat those on her team with care. 


When asked what she finds to be the biggest value in being part of a network like NCB, Katherine answered, “In every meeting I am encouraged to understand who I am and my purpose. 

This mindset has led her to dream of ways she can bless others by sharing her experience in business through coaching and mentoring. She views collaboration as a vital component in helping other entrepreneurs succeed and pursuing the end of poverty in Trinidad, Tobago, and the Caribbean.