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How US Farmland Creates Jobs in Africa

At Partners Worldwide, we are always looking for opportunities to engage and collaborate with other like-minded organizations around the world. Recently, we partnered with Kingdom Capital Fund on an exciting new project.

Kingdom Capital Fund (KCF) is a Christian nonprofit organization that invests in entrepreneurial projects. These projects generate revenue, and that money is used to support Christian ministries that invest in communities and share the good news of Christ.

One specific way Kingdom Capital Fund does this is through their work in agriculture. In 2016, KCF partnered with a Minnesota farmer who was willing to donate their land to use for one summer. During that time, KCF worked with seed providers, herbicide companies, local farmers, and more to develop and farm the land. Each of these businesses contributed a small portion, but it resulted in a great impact.

The harvest from that land was sold for $167,000 — and all of that was donated toward Christian ministry endeavors!

After the success of the 2016 farm project, KCF is doing it again in 2019 and 2020. This time, all of the funds raised will be donated to Partners Worldwide for use in our Africa Region. Learn more about our work in Africa, and see how you can be involved with the project below.


2019 Farm Project

Kingdom Capital Fund is seeking donations to help with the crops that are growing in 2019, as there are still some gaps in funding to be filled. As of right now, 141 acres of beans and 120 acres of corn are being grown. Based on an estimated yield and sale price, this project will generate over $152,000 that will be donated to Partners Worldwide.

The final costs for supplies (fertilizer, spraying, seed) and labor (storing, drying, marketing the grain) to see this project through results in $32,000 in needed donations.

In lieu of or in addition to donating products or services, monetary donations to PW and KCF would help purchase the inputs needed to complete this project effectively.

2016 Harvest

2020 Farm Project

In order to continue this project into next year, PW and KCF are in search of someone willing to donate the use of their farm land in 2020. Land is the most integral part of this project and impact, and we are looking to connect with a farmer (preferably in the Midwest) who is willing to join in the work we are doing by helping to meet that need. PW and KCF will work closely with individuals to respect their land preferences and soil needs.

In addition to land, we are looking for additional farmers and seed providers, as well as elevators and other equipment donations that will enable the local agricultural community to participate in advancing our mission to resource sustainable employment opportunities in Africa.


The funds generated through these projects will go directly to support the work of Partners Worldwide in our Africa Region. We work in 12 countries throughout Africa, and have created and supported over 139,000 jobs in 2017-2018.

The impact is phenomenal, and will result in the creation of hundreds of jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs in Africa, lifting families and communities out of poverty for good!

Know someone who might be interested in being involved in this project? Reach out to us at and we’d love to explore how we can partner together!