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How One Nicaraguan Church is Making a Transformational Impact

 Transformation Church of Nicaragua (referred to as ITN, its acronym in Spanish) began as a small bible study made up of people united around a common vision. It now has 120 active members and counting who are committed to equipping their communities with resources for social, economic, and spiritual growth 

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As a local organization, ITN is conscious of the needs and capabilities of the families directly around them. They see a need for young entrepreneurs and business owners in strengthening local economies, as well as the importance of training more businesspeople with a framework of business as Christian mission.   

In January of 2019, ITN became an official Local Community Institution (LCI) in the Partners Worldwide networkSince then, they have been able to grow their resources and impact in their community 

They have been connected with a Business Affiliate team for support, guidance, and strategy development. They have been trained and certified to facilitate PW’s business curriculum and grow the Christian business network in Managua. And, they are equipped to provide training, coaching, mentoring and follow-up for long term business support. 

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In the past month, ITN graduated its first class of trainees and wants to also pursue future partnerships with more churches as a combined effort to continue working towards development throughout the whole country! 

Through this partnership, ITN envisions a brighter future for Christian businesses in Nicaragua.  They are confident that working together will play an integral role in boosting the economy, creating more jobs, and effectively lifting people out of poverty.