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Latin America and Caribbean Regional Update

Members of our network on a video call.
Members of our network on a video call.

We recently surveyed our partners around the world to gauge the impact of this crisis on their communities and partnerships, to assess their capacity to respond to the needs around them, but also to “see” through their eyes how the Lord is beginning to move in their communities.

A common theme emerged. Mixed with the stories of grief, fear, and loss were the footprints of our savior. Where there was need, right next-door generosity was found. Where a business was lost, a new venture was born.

This is just a beginning, but it does seem that God is telling us: “Watch with me. Watch what I am doing.” Amid crisis is where we often see the greatest of God’s works.

However, it is not just “watch with me”. It’s also “walk with me -- do as I do. Go where I go. Live out the identity I have given you – in all circumstances. Reflect my heart in your actions. Reflect my creativity in your doings. Reflect my sovereignty in your audacity. Use what I have given you. Offer up everything you are – all that you are good at and passionate about – because I made you".

And that’s where we find ourselves today. Moved to the point of tears by the urgency of the need we see growing around the world, encouraged by what we see He is already doing, emboldened by our calling to business, and assured by what we have seen Him do these 20+ years.

God has given us something very few teams have: our global network of partners. There are 26 of them in this region alone -- deeply rooted in their communities, led by servant-hearted and business-minded leaders, equipped to grow businesses, and committed to creating life giving jobs for many.

Today, every single one of them is asking: how do we serve today and how can we prepare to be what our community needs us to be as we emerge from this crisis? For most, this means a radical short-term pivot to offer services and strategies desperately needed today. For all, it means making savvy business decisions to sustain what the Lord has built.

In the places we work, there are very few (if any) safety nets. These organizations are often the only safety nets.

So, that’s where we find ourselves today. Watching for what the Lord is doing. Helping our partners align with Him to meet urgent needs today. And protecting and preparing them to be the powerful resource their communities will need as things restart.

I invite you to watch with us and stay tuned to the stories we will be sharing in the coming days of how this remarkable network of called business leaders brings life today and long into the future.