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Caribbean Regional Update

Haiti Update

  • 7,167 official cases as of July 24th    
  • After four months of partial lockdown, the Haitian government has decided to reopen the borders and have the country operate normally. Businesses and all the economics sectors are working towards facing the consequences of COVID-19 and from a long-lasting political crisis since 2018 to create wealth.   
  • All LCIs are not working in full operations but rather at a small level. They are working towards accommodating with the new normal to continue to serve their members by implementing a new system to provide the tools that their members will need to continue to flourish.  
  • Main challenges: Insecurity, political instability and high inflation rate (more than 23%) Difficulty to serve in full capacity as there is a lack of infrastructure to continue service virtually.   
  • Initiatives: Access to capital and technical assistance are two of the main needs that businesses will face to survive the consequences of COVID-19. For this reason, moving forward, PW Haiti is implementing a program that will reinforce the capacity of their partners to continue to serve and walk alongside their members with excellence by providing virtual seminars, training that fit their needs. Additionally, setting a financial program that will allow these institutions to sustainably grow to support their members through fair loan products that they have designed.  
  • Accomplishments: During this time of crisis, PW has assisted its partners with hygiene kits to share with their communities for safety, and our LCI Advisory team decided to provide hygiene kits to give back and show support to their members and other vulnerable people in their communities. With the support of their partners, 350 kits were put together and distributed among the 10 LCIs. 

Trinidad & Tobago Update

  • 147 official cases as of July 25th   
  • The Government has announced a phased approach to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. On June 22nd, the country moved into phase five, lifting the majority of the remaining restrictions in place, including domestic air travel between Trinidad and Tobago.  
  • The economy is slowly coming back to normal, with most businesses allowed to resume their operations. It is now mandatory to wear masks in public spaces.   
  • LCI is currently active, however, all training events and mentoring have been moved to online platforms with great success.   
  • The economic slowdown from the closure of non-essential businesses and services places further strain on the economy of Trinidad and Tobago (especially in the tourism industry). The closing of many businesses has impacted the economy and threatens the economic security of many who have lost their jobs or are experiencing reduced incomes.  
  • PW worked with NCB to put together a proposal for a COVID-19 Grant Fund with the US Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago. The proposal is focused on training and coaching of micro and small agro-processors from rural communities in good manufacturing practices to meet international standards, opening the door for the production of safe goods and trade in the United States niche markets.  
  • Cooperation between two LCI’s was very significant for NCB, with peer-to-peer mentoring from Mr. Fausto Varela from Honduras for the Discipleship Talks in July was received with great joy and feedback from NCB members.