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Faithful Presence: The Strength of Partnership in COVID-19

Four years ago, Sarah started Exdeos Consultants, a Corporate Training Consultancy service that provides innovative workplace and virtual customized training solutions. One year ago, she also joined Business Life Group -- business owners network led by our partner Hope UC. 

Sarah knew that BLG organizes special training sessions and workshops for business owners to equip them with the skill and knowledge necessary for entrepreneurs to excel and grow. She also knew BLG supports its members with mentoring and networking support. 

What she didn’t know is how much she would need that support.  

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At present India is facing economic contraction because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the country-wide lockdown has impacted most segments of business. During this time, Sarah is supported by the local business network and community around her.  In a time when most businesses are struggling to find clients, BLG leaders helped her connect with two businesses in need of her expertise. 

Through her involvement with the group, Sarah has grown in integrating faith into her business. She has learned to apply kingdom principals to her business, gain spiritual, moral, and social encouragement, and walk with a close circle that gives her the support she needs during tough times. 

In a time of great isolation for many around the world, Sarah has found strengthbuilt trust, and grown relationships because of a network of connections and partnership.