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Perseverance and Growth: Bismarck’s Story

“I am a successful yam farmer today because of the loan I received from Hopeline Micro Finance.” Those were the exact words of Mr. Bismarck Achiam, who resides in Kete-Krachi in the Oti Region of Ghana. 

Bismarck works hard as a painter and a farmer. He is married to Yawa, a seamstress, and they have three children. He is known in his community as Christian and leader who has contributed so much to the well-being of his home. 

Prior to joining Hopeline in 2019, Bismarck depended on an income of less than 1USD per week, which he would earn from his irregular painting jobs in the surrounding villages. This was not enough to feed his family, much less grow his farm. 

However, Hopeline’s financial support changed Bismarck’s story.  


Because of the loans he received, Bismarck was able to purchase about 12,000 yam planting materials, land, and the necessary preparations for harvesting and selling yams. His income from the 2019 farming year was about GHS 10,500, and this year he has nearly doubled his crop and is anticipating and income of about GHS 25.000He has also hired farm hands as his business grows. 

After one farming season, Bismarck was able to acquire a building plot with the proceeds of his farm to provide good shelter for the family. He says that housing had been his major source of worry, but now he is full of hope. Because of his faith, Bismarck believes in giving back to the community. Hence, he donates yams to some of the schools and the needy in his community. 

In regards to COVID-19, Bismark operates in the Oti region where the rate of infection is low, and his business is not affected by the lockdown.