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PW Training, Updated!


Over the past nine months, the PW training team has been collaborating with partners in our network to meet short-term training needs and prepare a long-term strategy informed by the pandemic and post-pandemic realities. The pandemic has affected training logistics in each country differently.

As a result, we are partnering with each regional team to adapt a training strategy to their unique contexts. For many countries, tools and guides enabling online training will be extremely valuable. In others, partnerships that enable safe in-person training will be most beneficial and relevant. While we have learned a lot this year regarding how to better support our training network, we intend to continue listening and learning while offering timely support.

What We've Been Working On:

  • Updated the Global and Country Training Partner models, which will enable PW to clearly and efficiently share training resources with like-minded institutions.
  • A Values-Based Microenterprise Curriculum has been finalized and has moved on to the translation phase.
  • A PW “Learning Management System" (PW LMS), which will enable online trainings and improved sharing of resources and best practices
    A regional training task force to lead the design and implementation of localized strategies
  • A variety of regional webinars to encourage, equip, and train entrepreneurs in the midst of Covid-19

What's Coming Up:

Microenterprise Curriculum Virtual Train-the-Trainer(full)

Dates: October 29 & 30, 9:00am-1:00pm ET 

Platform: PW LMS + Zoom

Description: The purpose of the Train-the-Trainer (TTT) is to prepare participants to feel confident in facilitating a training for entrepreneurs, using the PW Microenterprise Curriculum. During the live two-day TTT, participants will engage in group discussions and activities in order to build an awareness of the challenges and best practices related to facilitating a PW Microenterprise training.


Blended Learning Best Practices Webinar 

Dates: November 10, 10:00am-11:00am ET 

Platform: Zoom 

Description: During this webinar, participants will learn how PW trainers across the network are using digital tools to train entrepreneurs in their community.


Microenterprise Curriculum Overview and Q&A 

Dates: November 17, 9:30am-11:00am ET 

Platform: Zoom 

Description: This presentation will offer participants an overview of the content in the PW Microenterprise Curriculum, as well as a guide for selecting the appropriate target audience for the training.