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Shiloh Bridals: Arpitha’s Business Journey

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From a very young age, Arpitha Ravirekhala developed an interest in sewing, especially during her schooling in Kenya as it was part of the education system to select a vocation. She developed the skill and really enjoyed making different items, but as she moved back to India for her higher education, she could not continue to follow her interest.

During one of her cousin's wedding, Arpitha offered to make a few bridal accessories, and to her surprise, everyone loved it and this encouraged her to explore this as a business opportunity. Soon, Shiloh Bridals was born and Arpitha registered her company with the support of her husband and family. The business got good response and Arpitha’s business started growing. Soon, they were also able to open a showroom in Secunderabad City and they put all their savings into the business. The business continued to grow and Shiloh Bridals established itself in the city--but just one year after the showroom was opened, they had to close it down due to construction work just in front of their space. This was a devastating blow to the business. They had put in all their resources and also taken some loans to setup the outlet and now were left without a showroom or working capital to continue. Arpitha and her husband had to sell their flat and new car and felt as though their life was shattering in front of them.

In this time of crisis, Arpitha and her husband depended on the emotional and spiritual support provided by their Business Life Group, led by our partner Hope Unlimited. The group encouraged them, and the leadership of BLG also provided some networking support.

Eventually, because Shiloh Bridals had already established its name and had a good customer base, the business started picking up again. Soon they were able to do good business and were back on track.

Arpitha is now a very active member of BLG and participates in the various workshops and trainings organized by them. She continue to grow as an entrepreneur. Shiloh Bridals is also part of the yearly Business Conferences organized by Hope Unlimited and they promote their products through these events.

The life of an entrepreneur is filled with challenges. Sometimes, it is just encouragement, support and a community that a business owner needs to face tough times and overcome it. Hope Unlimited and its business network did just that for Arpitha. Through training, mentoring and networking, the group supports business owners in the cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and continues to encourage entrepreneurship in these cities.