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Small Act, Big Impact in Indonesia

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When we think the problem is too big, we get paralyzed into thinking we can’t do anything.

Poverty is one of the world’s greatest problems. Often people think that only extremely wealthy people have a role in solving this. But we as Partners Worldwide refuse to let this mindset paralyze people. We want to encourage and challenge churches to do what God has told us to do in Jeremiah 29:7: “work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare. We also want to equip businesspeople to step up and step out in small acts for big impact, giving what they already have within reach: time, talent, and treasure.  

This October, we held an online event -- Enabler: Marketplace Ministry Summit -- to share from the heart and challenge Christians in business to fulfill God’s mandate to care for the poor, the widow, and the oppressed. Right now, 45% of Indonesians are on the brink of falling back into poverty. The urgency is great, and amidst COVID-19, I encouraged my fellow Indonesians and others to open up their hands and help now. Small act of kindness may not seem to hold great significance now, but as we remain faithful with the small acts, God will utilize these acts of faith sown to create bigger impact that goes beyond this generation. The work we do for Christ is generational – what we sow today will be reaped by the next generation.  

We thank our co-hosts from Faith Driven Entrepreneur Indonesia and so many other Indonesian Christian leaders and entrepreneurs in the PW network who participated to encourage, challenge, and equip more than 100 Christian businesspeople, church leaders, and pastors in Indonesia during the 7-hour virtual event. And, the recording has been viewed by more than 925 people on YouTube throughout October. We hope this message and movement can grow!  

How can you use your time, talent, and treasure during this challenging season of COVID-19? Will you consider a small act for big impact? We are seeking Christians willing to offer their time as business mentors, as well as prayerful supporters, financial donors, and champions who will walk alongside PW as we grow in Indonesia and join us in this mission to end poverty so all may have life and have it abundantly! 


(If you speak Bahasa Indonesia, you can view our Partners Worldwide message, "Small Act, BIG Impact" here, starting at 5:40.)