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Urban Impact: Strengthening Our Partnership in Seattle


In increasing our connections in the Pacific Northwest United States, PW has joined forces with Urban Impact, located in Seattle, Washington. BJ Stewart, Urban Impacts COO, recently shared this vision for 2021:  

"Urban Impact's overall vision for its support of small businesses in Seattle's under-resourced communities is transforming entrepreneurs so they can transform the communities where they work and live."

In order to work towards that vision, this year will be one of strategic growth. First, we plan to double the number of small businesses who are served through UI, from 25 small businesses is 2020 to 50 small businesses in 2021. Second, we will implement the PW Microenterprise Curriculum in Urban Impact’s training program. Keven Torres, a newly recruited Business Affiliate, commented the following:  

"Partners Worldwide has found a way to develop a Microenterprise Training that is digestible and challenging to the individual with business acumen and to the leader with limited business experience but who has a desire to implement redemptive change in their community through entrepreneurship."

Our third goal for 2021 is to continue to on-board local churches in order to provide mentors and coaches for the entrepreneurs. Our Business Affiliate team leader, Evelyn Te, notes that, for her, “the most rewarding thing about working with UI has been the opportunity to be so fully welcomed by B.J. and Kristian to walk alongside them as they pour themselves into the growth and expansion of the Economic Development Initiatives.”

Finally, we plan to launch a community-based investment/loan fund to help meet the capital needs of the entrepreneurs, while providing investment opportunities for local community members. 

Please pray for the members of our Business Affiliate team to build transformative relationships with Urban Impact's clients where both BAs and entrepreneurs build trust and intentional community with one another.