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Bearing Fruit in Crisis: Ecuador

The COVID-19 death toll in Ecuador is one of the highest in Latin America. Even now, Intensive Care Units are filled to overflowing, and existing infrastructure is being pushed to its limits.  


Jimmy, a dentist, and his wife, Liz, see first hand hothe medical community has been impacted by the overflow of cases. Due to capacity, other medical emergencies do not always get the attention they deserve 


So with the support of Verbo Quito Mañoscaa local partner in Quito, Jimmy and Liz made the necessary changes to their business to convert their space from a private dental clinic to a dental hospital dedicated to oral emergencies. Jimmy learned all the required biosafety protocols and obtained the necessary certifications to be equipped to take patients in a pandemic.  


As a result, they have been able to maintain jobs and meet direct needs in their communities. They credit the ongoing training, mentoring, and support of Verbo and the PW network with their ability to keep their business operating with a people-first mentality.