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Urgent Prayer: India Ravaged Under Second Wave of COVID-19


India has so far reported more than 21 million cases and over 238 thousand COVID-19 related deaths. For the first time in a single day, India recorded more than 4,000 new COVID-19 related deaths -- 4197, to be exact -- on May 7th, 2021. The country also recorded over 400 thousand new COVID-19 cases, while simultaneously administering nearly 2.6 million vaccine doses on that same day.

As India's COVID-19 catastrophe worsens, new waves of infections are fast engulfing a growing number of nations across South and Southeast Asia -- with some grappling with their worst outbreaks since the pandemic began. The World Health Organization (WHO) said in early May that India had accounted for nearly half of all global infections and a quarter of deaths reported in that past week. But cases have also skyrocketed in countries around India, from Nepal in the north to Sri Lanka and the Maldives in the south. And it's not just India's neighbors -- further away in Southeast Asia, infections are also surging in Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Within our network, several LCI's are working to provide support where they are able.

Both Christian Business Fellowship and Business Life Group have scheduled times to pray intentionally for those impacted.

Business Life Group has set up a program to send breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the doorsteps of  COVID-19 patients and their families. Families that can't pay are given the meals free of cost, and contributions are raised within the members to meet this cost.

Christian Business Group started a free helpline for Emotional Support & Counseling for those who are fearful, feeling lonely, depressed, bereaved, or broken-hearted.

New Indian Church of God set up a help desk with real-time information such as where oxygen supply is available, availability of hospital beds, transporting sick people to the hospital, etc. They are providing free medicines to families in the slums effected by COVID-19. They are also providing ready-to-eat meals to 150 homeless and poor people living on the streets of Kolkata.

Evangelical Social Action Forum has set up vaccination centers for people in the community.

Since some states and cities are under complete lockdown, our partners are not able to bring communities COVID-19 relief food grains as they did last year during the pandemic. However, as soon as the lockdown is relaxed, our partners will start supporting the communities.

We request your prayers and your support to help the poor and the needy through our partners on the ground.