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Caribbean Regional Update August 2021

Trinidad & Tobago

COVID-19 infections are increasing in Trinidad & Tobago, with 209 new infections reported on average each day. That’s 39% of the peak — the highest daily average reported on May 25. There have been 37,663 infections and 1,043 COVID-19-related deaths reported in the country since the pandemic began.

Trinidad & Tobago have administered at least 552,287 doses of COVID-19 vaccines so far, which is about 20% of the country’s population.
As COVID-19 infections began to be reported in Trinidad & Tobago, the government responded by shutting down places like schools, workplaces, and international borders in order to contain the spread of the virus on the island.
The economy has been greatly affected by the strict lockdown and suspension of international and local travel. Many entrepreneurs are barely surviving and struggling to stay afloat.
Our local community institution, NCB,  continues its efforts to provide one-on-one coaching, business training in digital marketing, and discipleship sessions to strengthen resilience according to God's perspective.


Haiti has been experiencing difficult days for several years due to an acute political crisis. The situation has worsened in recent months after the tragic assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. The country is plunged into uncertainty, and we have entered an unprecedented socio-political situation because there is no legal and constitutional mechanism to resolve this new problem. On one hand, a new government has been installed with Dr. Ariel Henry at its head, with the objective of carrying out the elections. On the other hand, political and social organizations are constantly calling for the formation of a government of public salvation for a longer transition.

In this sense, we are in expectation, but we keep the hope that things can improve even if this hope is slim.

Serving our partners with excellence and walking alongside them in good or bad times is part of our staff commitment. We are celebrating the addition of a new partner to our network. We closed the year with 93 business graduates. Our network is looking to increase the training and mentoring services they provide to their members and to new members of their committee.

On August 14, Haiti was impacted with a 7.2 earthquake that devastated the infrastructure and resulted in hundreds of lives lost. We are still reeling and covet your prayers as we go about rebuilding in the midst of so much crisis and turmoil.