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Vineeta’s Business Journey

With the spread of COVID-19 in India, businesses in every sector have been affected and unemployment is at an all-time high. With all the fresh challenges introduced by this pandemic, our local partners have been trying to identify various solutions to continue to support local communities.

In January 2021, one of our partners made some changes to adapt to the new normal. They took their existing beautician training program and transformed it to train local women on how to start home-based beautician businesses or provide beautician services at the clients' residence. This training was unique and provided the graduates with an additional edge to help them become successful even with all the existing challenges of the pandemic.

Twelve women graduated from this new training in April and here is one story of transformation of one of the graduates.

This is a story about Vineeta*, a quick learner of concepts and a young woman entrepreneur in her early thirties. Vineeta is married and has a son. With the limited income of her husband, the family was struggling and did not have enough to provide a proper education to their child.

With the desire to do something about her situation, Vineeta joined the four-month beautician training program in which she was taught all basic beautician skills along with work ethic, etiquette, and all safety and hygiene requirements. After the training, she started a salon from her home and has begun marketing and selling beauty products to her clients. She even offers services to clients at the comforts of their homes and earns a minimum of Rs 5000 ($70) in a month after all her business expenses. This has made saving money and thinking about her son's education possible.

In just a few months, Vineeta has created a good client base and it keeps growing due to her timely and quality service. She has now decided to invest in a two-wheeler to be able to reach more clients and expand her business!

It is encouraging that even in these challenging times, we see entrepreneurs determined to find a way forward.


*some details, including our client’s name, have been modified for privacy and protection