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Growing a Microbusiness in COVID-19: Zimbabwe

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Patricia Kadungo is a micro-entrepreneur who graduated from the Partners Worldwide (PW) business training in November 2019. Equipped with business skills and knowledge, Patricia started a shoe retailing business with a stock worth $100.

In April 2020, her project was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as sales fell to an all-time low. With the business advisory services from Kashy-Com Investments and the networking opportunities created by the business forum meeting, Patricia was able to do a quick market research of retailing products that had a high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She shifted from shoe retailing to clothes and maize. This proved to be a positive shift that resulted in increased sales. By December 2020, she had found a market niche in selling caps where she became the leading supplier in Norton with limited competition.

Adaptability and flexibility have become the competitive edge for Patricia. Besides the core product (fashion caps), she has augmented her product mix with seasonal products such as winter socks and hats, satchels, and baby wear. Consequently, the value of her stock has increased from $100 in December 2019 to $1,200 in September 2021. This is a phenomenal growth especially during the COVID-19 era.

Patricia’s dream is to own a boutique in Norton and then to expand her business to other towns in Zimbabwe. Her commitment and passion for business have given her the tenacity needed to navigate business ownership through COVID-19!