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We're changing our logo, but not our identity.

We’re nearly ready to introduce a new logo for Partners Worldwide. The reason? Because our current logo – the one we’ve had since 2004 – was prohibiting us from advancing our mission in certain parts of the world. Notably, the cross is missing in our new logo, and we know you’ll probably have questions. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing some answers below.

Why is the logo changing? This is a big question. And though there are multiple answers, it really comes down to one: Our logo is either censored or creates barriers in networking, particularly in Asian countries. As time has progressed, this has become a hindrance and at worst, putting PW staff at risk of government scrutiny of proselytizing – which is unlawful in some countries. After a long and careful evaluation, it was decided that a change must be made. This change has been addressed with the PW Board of Directors and they have endorsed making this change.

Wouldn’t it be easier to avoid countries where Christian organizations are under scrutiny? It would certainly be easier. But then we’d be comprising on our goal of focusing on dense populations of people living in poverty, including countries we’re in and those we feel compelled to enter. It really became a choice between our logo and our mission. And we chose our mission.

What else is changing at Partners Worldwide besides the logo? Nothing at all. We’ve maintained our tagline “Businesspeople faithfully pursuing a world without poverty.” Our mission, vision, and partnership model remain unchanged.

If we’re removing the cross, are we moving away from our Christian roots and beliefs? We can’t say this more firmly: Absolutely not. Our spiritual foundations (link at bottom of this article) are the basis of all that drives us in the organization. And given recent challenges and more people experiencing poverty due to COVID-19, our faith and convictions are as resolute as ever.

Couldn’t there have been a way to keep the existing logo and develop an alternate logo for other regions? We certainly did consider that. We evaluated how other organizations are facing the same thing with their brand. But our network is all about global unity. And creating multiple logos felt like a departure from our Core Values.

How will we embody our Christian beliefs if we can’t be represented by the cross? As Christ-followers, we will embody our beliefs the way we always have—through words and actions. Our staff and network are all “convicted and compelled” by the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. That is demonstrated through building meaningful partnerships—long-lasting trusting relationships that are underpinned by a shared faith, encouragement, prayer, and support for our local partners.

How else are we bringing the gospel to those we aim to serve? Many of our 80 local partners in 30 countries were commissioned by local Christian churches, so you could say our staff, our local partners (LCIs), and volunteer force of BAs (Business Affiliates) are demonstrating the love of Christ through our 4 services of mentoring, training, advocacy, and access to capital. We truly believe that Business Is A Ministry. And we always will.

What else brought this change about? Our former logo was designed in 2004, well before the soaring age of social media, digital communication, and small mobile applications. That logo just wasn’t very adaptable, so we developed a bold, simple logo with the “PW” and introduced a circle to communicate our global presence.