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Bringing Dreams to Life: The Power of Training for Priya’s Business


Priya Singh (name has been changed) is a young woman from a village near Kolkata City. Priya is the oldest child in her home and lives along with her mother and younger sister. She lost her father a few years ago, after which the family had to face various intense hardships. Her mother had to take up more jobs as a house maid to support the family and Priya took over multiple responsibilities in the house to help look after her family.


Priya always dreamed of being a professional beautician and wanted to pursue a career while completing her education but because of financial challenges she could not join a regular course. Through a friend she was introduced to our LCI Cross Culture and learned about the training program they provide for which she applied and got selected. Priya, who is still in high school, joined the training program alongside her regular classes and excelled!

Priya graduated from the beautician training program in December 2021 and was one of the brightest students in her cohort. She wants to complete her high school and decided not to take up a full-time job at a beauty salon. Instead, Priya has started a micro business and is providing basic beautician services from her home to women from her village. With this additional income she is able to support her mother financially to run the house.

Priya desires to continue the business along with her education and then to join a big beauty salon to get experience and skills so that she could start a full-service beauty salon one day!